Administrative & Regulatory Law

Practice Overview

Administrative agencies are granted their powers through the Constitution, statutes or ordinances, and such agencies often promulgate and enforce complex rules and regulations, or administer the enforcement of other laws.  Almost every profession is subject to administrative regulations and procedures. Individuals and businesses alike are often in need of legal assistance in dealing with issues involving complex government rules, regulations and procedures and defending against enforcement actions.  

The Administrative & Regulatory Law attorneys at Gess Mattingly & Atchison P.S.C. routinely handle a wide variety of matters before federal, state and local agencies and are well-versed in representing clients at all stages of the administrative and regulatory process, from the rulemaking stage, to maintaining compliance, to seeking government permits or approvals, and to the defense of enforcement proceedings and appeals.

If you need the assistance of an experienced administrative and regulatory law attorney, please contact Gess Mattingly & Atchison P.S.C.  For over 60 years our attorneys have been providing quality legal services to clients throughout Kentucky … let our tradition of excellence continue with you.