Practice Overview

We routinely handle a wide variety of appeals in both state and federal courts throughout Kentucky, and in administrative proceedings.  The firm’s Appellate Law practice includes:

  • Administrative Appeals - Appeals from the decisions of federal, state or local governmental agencies.
  • Bankruptcy Appeals - Appeals from the decisions of the United States Bankruptcy Courts.
  • Civil Appeals - Appeals from judgments entered in federal or state trial courts regarding civil matters, including, business/commercial disputes, family law issues, employment disputes or discrimination, personal injury/wrongful death actions, insurance defense cases, professional negligence/malpractice cases, products liability cases.
  • Criminal Appeals - Appeals from criminal convictions and sentences in both federal and state courts.
  • Probate Appeals - Appeals from decisions concerning the settlement of estates or the probating of a will, including will contests.
  • Tax Appeals - Appeals regarding tax issues with federal, state or local taxing authorities.

When judgments or orders are entered in court cases or in administrative proceedings, the judgment is generally more favorable to one party than the other. Sometimes judgments and orders contain errors or are not in conformity with the law. Once a judgment is entered, parties who are subject to an adverse decision generally have a very limited period of time in which they may file an appeal so that they may seek to correct such errors.  Specific and separate procedures, rules, and standards apply to appeals and strict compliance with these requirements is generally required in order to be successful.

The Appellate Law attorneys at Gess Mattingly & Atchison, P.S.C. understand that the prospect of appealing a decision or defending an appeal can often be confusing and daunting.  This is especially so because appellate practice is highly specialized and involves different standards and procedures than general litigation practice.  Our attorneys are skilled and experienced with assisting clients in assessing, understanding, and weighing the costs and benefits of any prospective appeal, as well as working to pursue or defend appeals in a way that is effective, efficient, and responsive to the client’s needs.  

If you need the assistance of an experienced appellate law attorney, please contact Gess Mattingly & Atchison P.S.C.  For over 60 years our attorneys have been providing quality legal services to clients throughout Kentucky … let our tradition of excellence continue with you.