Administrative & Regulatory Law

We represent individuals and businesses in dealing with issues involving government rules, regulations and defense against enforcement.

Arbitration & Mediation

Arbitration and Mediation are confidential in nature and offer alternative methods of resolving disputes outside of the court.

Business & Commercial Law

We draw on our firm’s cumulative experience and expertise to provide a broad range of business and commercial services to our clients.

Commercial & Residential Real Estate

We draw on the firm’s cumulative knowledge and experience to provide a broad array of legal services to owners, landlords, lenders and other commercial clients.

Criminal Defense & Expungements

Our attorneys have extensive experience at the trial and appellate levels of the criminal process, and in both the federal and state court systems.

Estate Planning, Litigation, & Probate Law

We help individuals, families, professionals, and business owners to protect their assets and assure those assets are distributed according to their wishes.

Health Care Law

Our practitioners have routinely represented hospitals, physicians, medical groups, long term care facilities, home health agencies and governmental entities.

Media & First Amendment Law

For over fifty years, GMA Law has counseled media clients and business on a wide variety of First Amendment and related matters.

Appellate Law

Appellate practice is highly specialized and involves different standards and procedures than general litigation practice.

Bankruptcy & Financial Restructuring

Our attorneys have a thorough background in bankruptcy law, and extensive experience serving as counsel for banks and other lenders.

Civil Litigation

We strive to handle each case with a clear goal to reach the best result attainable for our clients.

Construction Law

We understand the expenses involved in even minor litigation and strive to handle each case with a clear goal to reach the best result attainable for our clients.

Equine Law

We represent major horse farms, owners, breeders, sales companies, individuals and businesses associated with equine-related endeavors.

Family Law

Family law is the term that is applied to the laws and rules developed regarding family relationships, as well as between a family and society as a whole.

Insurance Law

Our attorneys have an excellent record of obtaining favorable results for clients through summary judgment proceedings and settlement negotiations.

State & Local Government Law

Our Attorneys have substantial experience in representing and defending state and local governments, and their officials and employees, on a variety of matters.